The concept

AppEvent is a project with a mission! What is our goal? To bring Apps from Dutch and Belgian developers to the spotlight. Why? Because there are more than 300.000 Apps in Apple’s App Store and it is hard for developers to get there App in the picture of App users. And Dutch, Belgian and global iPhone and iPad users are not allways aware of the variety of Apps from the lowlands, Belgium and The Netherlands.

So AppEvent made it there main goal to show off all these great Apps from the lowlands developers to Dutch, Belgian and global iPhone and iPad users, not only by bringing them to the spotlight but iPhone and iPad users can download them for free. Every day a new app and that for 31 days long.

Developers, just like the users, of the Apps were very happy with the succes of the first edition of AppEvent that they were eager to give there apps away for free one day. The Apps that will be downloadable for free are all great apps, some of them not very known and some are big hits. More information will come on January first, the day AppEvent will kick-off.